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The Altar, Tewkesbury Abbey, GloucestershireContemporary House, Bodrum, TurkeyRavensbourne College I, Greenwich, LondonGrand Pier, Weston Super MareBurghley House, Stamford, LincolnshireTewkesbury Abbey Ceiling, GloucestershireDunstall Castle IV, WorcestershireClytha Castle, MonmouthshireBurghley House, Stamford, LincolnshireMillennium Wheel, LondonDunstall Castle, WorcestershireTewkesbury Abbey Ceiling, GloucestershireWest Front, Tewkesbury Abbey, GloucestershireContemporary House, Bodrum, TurkeyBurghley House, Stamford, LincolnshireWest Front, Tewkesbury Abbey, GloucestershireWest Front, Tewkesbury Abbey, GloucestershireTom Denny Windows, Tewkesbury Abbey, GloucestershireAbbey Mill, Tewkesbury, GloucestershireTewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire